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Non-targeted CV
The beautiful face of Aadolf Kärki.

Aadolf Kärki

15170 Lahti, Southern Finland, Finland

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Note: Address, phone number, and primary e-mail address will only be available on request to prevent spam. Thank you for understanding.

Language skills:

Finnish Native English Excellent Russian Basics Swedish Basics


Draamapaja (a Youth Services workshop) Lahti Project-oriented art and culture work (trainee)
  • Design, creation, and/or performance of various art project for clients
  • Proof of employment
Lahden Lauantainäyttämö theatre Lahti Actor, amateur theatre
Ainopuisto theatre Lahti Actor, summer theatre
  • Proof of employment
Ainopuisto theatre Lahti Actor, summer theatre
  • Proof of employment
Nastolan Kakstahti Nastola Producer of marketing materials (trainee)
  • Design and creation of brochures, logos, websites, forms, etc.
Lingosaur (Contatum Oy) Freelance translator
  • Text translated from Finnish to English and vice versa, commission
  • Previously translated texts include legal text, reference letters, manuals, diploma works


Lahti University of Applied Sciences Lahti B.Sc. in Information Technology, Media technology
  • Degree unfinished – dropped out
Kannas Gymnasium Lahti Finnish matriculation examination
  • Degree of passed examinations
  • Degree of proficiency in spoken English

  • Word processing and media
    • Proficiency in the following on an excellent level:
      • HTML, CSS, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
    • Proficiency in the following on a basic level:
      • JS, C#, Excel
  • Translation from Finnish to English and vice versa
    • Fluent and quick translation of texts
    • Small-scale interpretation
  • Use, maintenance, and repair of Windows-based computers
  • Speaking, e.g. presentations and lectures
    • Ability heightened further by theatrical experience
  • Composing and playing music, language, culture, computers, casual gaming